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Discovering Your True Self with Diana Stobo

[sharebox2 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox2] “How do you discover your “true self”? I am who I am, isn’t that right? I have a certain job, I live in a certain type of community, I help people, I work hard, and I socialize in comfortable social circles. I have certain types of friends, and my home/ apartment/condo/mansion…

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Enlightenment of the Consciousness with Steven Sadleir

We have all heard, and intuitively know, that the answers lie within us. We innately know that the source of happiness and peace also lies within. We each have a purpose and a destiny. Sometimes we feel that connection, but for most people the ability to access that profundity of inner light, love and awareness…

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Healing and Happiness Through the Musical Sound of the Soul

“The sound of your soul is the mouthpiece of your spirit. It is as unique as your DNA and fingerprint with its own resonance and vibration. It is the voice that bridges the visible and invisible dimen- sions of your human experience. It is absolutely and uniquely your song, and no-one else’s. It is already…

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Learning to Love Yourself Can Lead to More Happiness and Fulfillment

In the book “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!” Cristina Smith shares with us how loving ourselves can lead to internal happiness and fulfillment. Here is an excerpt from Cristina’s chapter in 27 Flavors of Fulfillment: “Loving yourself means knowing yourself. It means listening to your body and spirit. Not…

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New Science Shows Your Thoughts and Emotions Affect Your Physical Health

In the book “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!” Dr. Robert Young discusses the importance of realizing how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Young‘s chapter in 27 Flavors of Fulfillment: So your thoughts are critical. Your thoughts or words do become…

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