Revolutionary Education at the California Institute for Human Science

The Lightworker Call-to-Arms is engagement in a creative education that allows us to reflect on our deepest desires as tenets ushering in the new age whose sole/soul purpose is to revolutionize the worldview in the new paradigm of subtle energy studies and the integration of science and spirituality. The California Institute for Human Science (CIHS), founded in 1992 by spiritual leader and scientist Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, has an active mission to be a tenet in this new holistic paradigm of consciousness-based education. CIHS offers a heart-based education fully committed to the mind-body-spirit triad and holistic consciousness that caters to the Whole self, including the soul, which, according to Dr. Motoyama, and all of the great spiritual traditions, is the essence of being human.

Waking up to the eternal nature of who we know ourselves to be, how can an academically rigorous graduate education on the cutting edge of consciousness and subtle energy studies help you transform your life as well as the fields of Integral Health, Comparative Religion and Philosophy from an Eastern Perspective, Clinical Psychology, and Integral Psychology?

It is clear that the cultural shift we are experiencing is at critical mass. This positive change is dependent on a partnership between lightworkers dedicated to the promise of a new consciousness-based reality that can only occur when the dominant culture is infused with an academically rigorous foundation integrating science and spirituality with the healing arts. It takes deep reflection and courage to be part of this new age and the call to action of which we are all apart. If you are a student of the Panacea Life School, there is no doubt that your soul is part of this change and shift. What will your part be? How can CIHS partner with you to fulfill your soul’s purpose as a lightworker in this new world?

CIHS offers opportunities for innovative Master’s and PhD degrees in Integral Health (subtle energy studies), Comparative Religion and Philosophy (from a non-Western, non-dual perspective), Clinical Psychology (with California approved licensure track), and Integral Psychology, all on the cutting edge of consciousness-based creative and collaborative education. CIHS offers a Bachelor’s completion program, too, that is especially helpful, for example, for the healer who never finished his/her traditional education but feels the call to do so now. The New Paradigm is dependent on our commitment toward integrating and anchoring these concepts in a grounded and intelligent way that facilitates the advancement of global consciousness on a personal, client-based, community, and worldwide level. That is the dream of Dr. Motoyama and the core vision of CIHS — to integrate science and spirituality by offering an academically rigorous graduate degree to foster in this new age. Are you up for the challenge and what will be your part?


Dr. Hope Umanski - Panacea Life SchoolDr. Hope Phillips Umansky, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs and Administration and Psychology Program Director, returned to CIHS in an administrative role originally as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and Director of the Psychology Programs. After one year in this role, she had the privilege of becoming the Dean of Academic Affairs and Administration and Director of the Psychology Programs. In 1998, Dr. Umansky came to CIHS “by accident,” after leaving traditional education to seek something more authentic in her career as a writer and psychotherapist. She holds a BA in English literature, a MA in literature and American Cultural Studies, and from CIHS, a MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her career in the last decade has been as a champion of the transformative nature of education on adult learners’ lives. She has worked in various settings prior to CIHS in which she helped serve as an advocate for adult students. Dr. Umansky saw joining CIHS in 2010 as a unique opportunity to be a part of the school that she loves and deeply believes in, while helping to create a space for CIHS to emerge as a leader in creative consciousness-based education during this unique time in our global consciousness. Dr. Umansky can be reached at or at 760-634-1771 x114
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