What if You Could Experience Life at Peak Fulfillment? You’re about to discover how to . . .

Do Work That You Love, Rebuild Your Health, Find Your Purpose And Transform Your Life In 1 Hour a Week Or Less, All Without Trendy Cleanses, New-Age Voodoo, Or Expensive Life Coaches

Panacea Life School Will Change Your Life For The Better . . . And For Good

What did you dream of doing when you were a kid?

  • Did you want to be a astronaut? Firefighter? Doctor? Rock star? Lawyer?
  • Did you dream of writing the next great novel, or filming the next great movie?
  • Did you imagine traveling around the world, meeting kings and princes, and having adventures in beautiful locales?
  • Did you daydream of being a champion athlete, a famous performer, or a ground-breaking scientist?

Now let me ask (and answer honestly): has life worked out the way you wanted it to?

If you're reading this, then I bet it didn't.

And if you can open your mind open for a few minutes, I have something to tell you that might completely and permanently change your life.

What Happened?

What happened to those dreams that you had as a child? Was it:

  • bills
  • work
  • commuting
  • groceries
  • responsibilities
  • kids
  • soccer practice
  • societal pressures
  • doctor's appointments
  • “realistic” expectations

Did your dreams slip away piece by piece, worn down by the discouragements of “real life” and well-intentioned but ultimately destructive advice from friends and family?

Don't feel bad. This has happened to millions of people over the years. But that doesn't mean that you have to put up with it.


Finding A Way Back To Your Dreams

Imagine if you could change your life, to erase your personal history and get back to the things that matter most.

Imagine if you could:

  • attract wealth easily and naturally
  • discover what really makes you happy
  • experience a new-found professional confidence
  • learn to make smart decisions that serve your best interests
  • find a life partner who pushes you to be the best you can be
  • master a new art or skill like cooking, skiing or painting
  • learn a foreign language as easy as breathing
  • make sense of your personal history and use it to your advantage
  • be a star on piano, guitar, drums, or any musical instrument
  • live a life of health and plenty instead of sickness and want
  • get up in the morning excited and full of energy . . . instead of endlessly hitting “snooze”
  • nurture your health instead of destroy it
  • never feel stuck or frustrated again!
  • build strong relationships with the people that matter most, and fix the relationships that aren't moving you forward

To this I say . . . welcome to Panacea Life School.

I've spent over a year building this program to help you break through years of accumulated barriers. It's your key to unlocking your secret potential.

It is simply the single most powerful way to reorient yourself to what is truly important in life.

Panacea Life School exists to change you life, permanently and in every single way. But before I tell you more, I want to let you know a little bit about myself . . .

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Who Is Nathan Crane?


Hi, I'm Nathan Crane, and I'm a teacher, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. And I'm the luckiest person I know.

See, my life used to be a mess. This isn't the time or place to go into all of the unsavory details, but I've dealt with addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness. Things got to the point where I was at “rock bottom,” and it looked like it was all over. The only question was what would get me first . . . Starvation? Addiction? Depression? Or maybe I was just finally going to work up the courage to end it all myself . . . I was inches away from becoming “just another statistic.”

(My point is that if you're feeling stressed, stuck or unhealthy, then I've been there myself. You're not alone.)

But that's not where my life ended. Instead (and this is what I mean by lucky) I had a single, blinding moment of inspiration. It was my spiritual awakening, and it saved my life.

Now I know that my mission is help others nurture that flame. Through speaking, writing, and now through Panacea Life SchoolI help people find more health, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. I want to help you dissolve harmful habits and attachments so that you can experience physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual transformation.

All around the world, the same spark of spiritual awakening that saved me from the abyss is helping others wake up, one by one. Are you going to be the next one? Are you ready to wake up to a brave new world, full of endless possibilities?

I hope so. And I'm here to guide you.

With great love,

Nathan Crane

How 60 Minutes a Week Can Change Your Life

So what is Panacea Life School, and how can it help you?

These days, people don't have time to work on themselves. They have so many external pressures keeping them busy that they don't have time to go to classes, do long meditations, or attend transformational retreats. That's what I realized when I first started teaching—most people don't have time for a day-long class every month!

That's why I created Panacea Life School. It's the most comprehensive self-study life-improvement and transformation system on the web! (How's that for a mouthful?)

There are a wealth of features and modules available through Panacea Life School, but the short version of it all is this:

“With only 1 hour of study per week, I guarantee that you can completely and permanently transform your life . . . for the better!”

It's my guarantee—you can quote me on that.

What's Inside?

We're going to deal with every single area of your life, because everything is connected. Is your health suffering? It's probably affecting your finances. Are your relationships being neglected? There's no way that it doesn't affect your own emotional well-being.

Here's how we break down your life into different units of study.

Personal Transformation


This is the most important point. We must embrace transformation and change inside of ourselves if we want to see it happen in the world around us. Change is a natural part of life to be embraced and loved, not feared and avoided.

Emotional Mastery


Emotions are the “sixth sense” of humanity – the vast majority of our decisions are driven by emotion. Learn to understand and use your emotions (instead of letting them use you!).

Physical Health


“If you don't have your health, you don't have anything,” as the old saying goes. Your physical health is so incredibly vital for every other part of your life that we'd be wasting our time if we didn't address it.



Learn to live in right relation with your family, friends, loved ones, and even strangers you meet on the street. We are a social species and cannot live in isolation; let your relationships drive you instead of drain you.

Financial Abundance


When we learn to live in abundance, wealth becomes attracted to us. It's not about winning or competing; it's about living in a way that enriches us naturally (monetarily and otherwise).

Planetary Impact


If we don't use our new-found wisdom to make the world a better place, then why are we bothering to learn at all? You can be the flame that ignites another person's own enlightenment.

Community Engagement


When you take all the relationships of a group in aggregate, you have a community. This is the basic building block of civilization, and you have to understand and contribute to your community if you want to feel satisfied, fulfilled, and loved in your life.

Visionary Leadership


The final stage of development and transformation for our students is when they become leaders in their own communities. Learn to be a visionary and to help spark the flame of enlightenment in the people around you.

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“First off, i want to thank Nathan, I am just so honored and humbled because he is doing humanity such a service, so thank you! next thank you to the presenter, Laura Chiraya Fox, I can feel your energy and your compassion, your excitement, to share all you are sharing, and is wonderful.…………….. thank you……….”


“David’s information about Buckminster Fuller’s work and what it means for humanity, if we are willing to act on it – living our lives from a place of co-operation – was so uplifting and empowering! The energy grid map on how we could have enough energy for the whole world was especially mind-blowing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you David and Nathan for sharing this very powerful perspective on the question of ‘where to from here?’ that humanity is facing with ever-increasing urgency.”


“From today’s class I have gained some awareness of how I am always trying to fit into someone elses rules and regulations. Also for the need to take some sort of action outside of my comfort zone.But mostly that it would be good for me to do Dream Assignments and journal any response I receive in waking moments

Many thanks to Panacea Lifeschool, to you David and to the lady who shared her dream Every success in bringing this work out into the world.”


“Thank you everyone. I found this very helpful and informative. It’s lovely to meet other like minded individuals who are practicing this too.”


WARNING: This Is Not For Everyone

We shouldn't go any further until I get this out of the way:

Panacea Life School is not for everyone.


Because the information contained inside of these modules has the potential to totally, completely, and irrevocably change every part of your life.

And if you aren't ready for that, then maybe you shouldn't get involved with Panacea Life School.

But consider the alternatives:

  • Your life stays exactly the same—nothing changes
  • You still don't have time to work on your own self-development
  • You're still frustrated at work and at home
  • You continue to develop health problems (that build up over time)
  • You still struggle with money
  • You still can't get ahead, put away any serious savings, or get ready for retirement
  • You still don't know why you're here on the planet
  • You still feel directionless and bored (when you're not overloaded with busy-work)
  • You keep wasting time—time you can never, ever get back

Is that really what you want for yourself? No! Of course not!

“I do appreciate the format of on-going support that you’ve created with this Panacea Life School program as each week is a new chance to connect with my desire to grow. I’m Looking forward to being part of tomorrow’s class and getting into action in my life!!!”

Marilyn O.

“I have a ton of background,…Vegan restaurant owner, Raw chef, owner of Colon Hydrotherapy clinic, IIN grad…Life coach ….but i am very drawn to it and what you have created! great energy!”

Ami Beach

“Thank you so much for putting this program together! I’m on my quest to master my life in all aspects and your input has helped me a great deal in reminding me things that were there, at the back of my mind, but didn't put them in action. Good work. Congratulations!”

Ana R.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to completely change and transform your life—permanently—and create a new life story that actually reads the way you want it to?

Yes! But then you might hesitate . . . “But Nathan, how much is all of this going to cost me?”

Well, I have good news for you.

How much do you think a lifetime of joy, happiness, healthy relationships, professional achievement, health, and financial abundance is worth?

Well, it could be worth millions! But don't worry, I'm not charging that much.

Lifetime access to the Panacea Life School is eventually going to cost $9,997.

We've marked it down from there to a special introductory rate of $1,997 . . . but wait!

With this special one time offer, you can get lifetime access to Panacea Life School for only . . . $297! or 13 Monthly Payments of Only $27!

That's an incredible discount and is only available right here on this page for a very short time.

So don't miss out! Click the button below and get started right now:

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Meet the Carefully Vetted and Empowering Faculty at Panacea Life School You Will Get to Create Your Personal Mastermind With:

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Get Your "Bachelor's Degree in Life" Studies

PLS PLAQUEWhen you complete all 13 modules, you will receive a personally engraved certificate of completion mailed to you with you name and date engraved on it.

This will eventually become a highly sought after certification in the field of personal development.

All you have to do is complete all of the homework assignments, email them to info@thepanaceacommunity.com once finished, and after reviewing them we will mail out your certificate.

Yours in Health and Happiness,

All the best,

Nathan Crane

P.S. I nearly forgot one of the most important things!

Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I am beyond confident that Panacea Life School can change your life permanently and for the better.

But I understand how powerful fear is, and why you might shy at making the investment in yourself (especially if you have a habit of putting off self-investment).

That's why I want to make this as absolutely easy as possible for you . . . with our 100% risk-free guarantee.

We offer a 100% guarantee on Panacea Life School. Go ahead and try our programs (and join our community) for up to 30 days with no fear. If at any point during that time you feel like you aren't getting the value you're hoping for, contact us and we'll refund 100% of your money right away. There's really no risk.

So please, don't let any fear of making a mistake keep you from getting started. Doing nothing would be the greatest mistake of all.

P.P.S. Did I mention our incredible, supportive community of fellow students and expert teachers? Joining Panacea Life School is only the first step on a long journey towards complete enlightenment and life mastery. You'll be joining thousands of people worldwide in the pursuit of the life you deserve!


Remember, Panacea Life School is only going to be on sale at this incredibly low price for a very short time. If you wait, the price is going to go up, back up to the introductory rate and eventually to the full price of $9,997. If you want to completely change your life for the lowest price possible, get started today!

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