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Panacea Life School is the Leading Life Transformation Self Study Program on the Web.  Based on Our Breakthrough New Paradigm Educational Curriculum Called; 13 Facets of Human Experience™, Each Class Helps You Experience Life at a Whole New Level of Heightened Awareness, Clarity, Inspiration, and Transformation!

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What area of your life would you like to transform the most RIGHT NOW?

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  • Health?
  • Career?
  • Relationships?
  • Spiritual Connectedness?
  • Finances?
  • Self Worth and Self Love?
  • Global Change?
  • Sustainable Living?
  • Purpose in Life?

We find that most people want to improve the quality of their lives in one of these main categories…

…and some people are looking to positively transform all of them.

The reality is, if you work on transforming one aspect of yourself, the rest will begin to transform as well.

So picking one area and really going for it can be very beneficial to your overall progression in life.

So we have a question for you.

How would like to be a part of a new educational system that will help accelerate the transformation process in any area of your life?

This information has the power to positively transform your current life situation and give you the keys to personal, financial, and spiritual liberation.

And the beautiful thing is that It is not a dogmatic belief system or set of ideals, but it’s an ever evolving and organically forming curriculum for the natural progression of life.

It is a collective combination of conscious education focused on a common goal – liberating humanity from the constraints of the modern world to experience true freedom, happiness, and fulfillment in the key areas of your personal and professional life.

Panacea Life School is the next level of conscious education on the planet.

There is nothing like this coaching program available. It is the first of it’s kind.

Every week you will get to personally learn from and ask questions to many of the master teachers who co-authored the book; “27 Flavors of Fulfillment: How to Live Life to the Fullest!” Along with lot’s of new teachers you may or may never have heard of before.

These teachers will personally walk you through the 13-Faces of Human Experience  as part of the new-life curriculum we’ll talk about shortly.


Panacea Life School is Based on the 13 Facets of Human Experience

This new information system and online education course is based on The 13 Facets of Human Experience™, and has a unique purpose to help 100,000 people positively impact and transform their lives to live with more meaning, health, happiness, and purpose on the planet.

During the 13 module membership program, we will explore the possibility of truly living in harmony with your life’s purpose, increasing the quality of your life, enhancing our relationships, career, health, and finances so you are experiencing life at a level of joy and fulfillment.


During the 13 Facets of Human Experience, we will explore the possibility of  living in harmony with your life’s purpose, experiencing financial abundance, enjoying years of vital health, and creating meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.

We will thoroughly explore in a way that’s never been done before:

  • What is the true meaning of life and how can we experience it more deeply
  • What are the action steps we can take to live in divine alignment with our life’s purpose
  • How can we manage the thoughts in our minds to re-direct them towards the goals and ambitions that will serve us most
  • In what ways can we modify, improve, and restructure our current financial systems to be equally beneficial to everyone – planetwide
  • What is the correct food, diet, and nourishment for our bodies and how can we become self-sustained, healthy, and vital for many years to come
  • Understanding the true meaning of our dreams and how to interpret the messages inner wisdom give us when we sleep
  • How to master our energy and increase our intuitive, psychic, and energetic abilities to their full potential
  • What are ways we can learn new skills faster, better, and more efficiently
  • How can we create a more energetically fluid, sustainable, and clean environment to live in
  • Living in more alignment with the purpose of the planet and all it’s life-giving gifts
  • Having fun co-creating our destiny through music, dance, and theatre
  • Which technologies are the most beneficial to our human development
  • What is the science of the future
  • Working together to create peace, human advancement, and harmony through community, collaboration, and co-operation
  • How to create and distribute resources in a mutually beneficial structural arrangement
  • Creating healthy, harmonious, and fun relationships
  • How to connect to the Unified Resonance Field (i.e.: Source, Spirit, God, Mind, Heart) and creatively design the ultimate lifestyle we all desire!

During these Q&A calls with leading minds from around the globe, you will be guided to help design the absolutely most meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling life that you can possibly imagine.

Each teacher is highly skilled and specifically selected to serve as your guides and coaches to help you along in your personal and professional endeavors to achieve rapid results.

So the question is, would you like to be a part of the new conscious era of humanity, or stay stuck in the old broken down systems that are self-destructing as we speak?

If you’re ready to move forward and advance mentally, physically, and spiritually faster than ever before, then I invite you to join me on this journey of self-exploration as we dive deeply into the 13 Facets of Human Experience – together!

As we move forward to share this life changing information with you, our hope is that through our life’s experience of trial and error, that we can help save you decades of mistakes and tribulations so you can advance in your life positively while ultimately creating a ripple effect around you as well.

This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Join us as we move humanity forward with joy, wisdom, and consciousness!

Imagine being able to:

  • Connect with the leading minds on the planet during interactive coaching calls every week
  • Receive answers and guidance to many of life’s greatest challenges
  • Have a complete personal and professional support system in place just for you
  • Connect once a week on live coaching calls and listen to the recordings anytime
  • Eliminate limiting and self-destructive beliefs
  • Feel a truly profound sense of love, purpose, and meaning
  • Connect with your soul mate and deepen your relationships
  • And even help others improve their lives as well

There are thousands of personal development programs available out there.

Many of them are good, and many of them aren’t so good.

One of the most important things we’ve learned over the years is that if you have the right educators, teachers, and coaches sharing their life experiences with you and answering your most pressing questions, then growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are much, much easier.

Additionally, these people must be genuine, sincere, and have many years of real-world hands-on experience.

The most important thing we looked for in coaches and teachers is not only their messages and their teachings, but they way they live their life

It’s more important to us that the people we learn from are people who actually do what they preach.

And that’s why we’ve put together a stellar core team of master teachers who have exactly what it takes to truly help you fulfill your life’s destiny.

These are people who have honestly spent many years of trial and error, practicing what they preach, and continuously going out into the world to help others avoid many years of mistakes so you can fulfill your highest potential.

Meet the Director of Panacea Life School:

Nathan Crane - Panacea Life School

The Man Behind the Panacea Brand:

From addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness, to a profound spiritual awakening becoming a highly sought after international entrepreneur of personal empowerment, Nathan found his life’s purpose in helping people experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives, dissolving harmful habits and mental attachments, and experiencing physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual transformation.

Nathan Crane, is a highly sought after lifestyle entrepreneur, speaker, author, and teacher of Life.

He has published, shared stages with, and worked with dozens of world renowned experts and best selling authors such as; Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Gregg Braden, Jeffrey Smith, Sonia Choquette, Alan Cohen, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Guy Finley, and many others.

He is the Founder of The Panacea Community, President of Panacea Publishing, Inc. and Director of Panacea Life School, focused on assisting Billions of people to experience higher levels of health, happiness, and fulfillment through online educational conscious publishing programs.

Nathan is the author of a raw plant based lifestyle detox program called, “The Panacea Cleanse”, and author of a best selling lifestyle enrichment anthology titled, “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!

Nathan has incorporated a high level of raw foods into his diet since 2009, and has been enjoying a plant based raw living foods lifestyle with his wife and daughter since Christmas Eve of 2012.  He believes in purifying the body and mind as two of the key steps in advancing spiritually and enjoying a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Nathan’s story of transformation will inspire your attendees to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life with higher levels of health, abundance, and conscious awareness.

Here’s What Our Students Are Saying:

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“I do appreciate the format of on-going support that you’ve created with this Panacea Life School program Nathan as each week is a new chance to connect with my desire to grow, and with the supportive community you’re creating around this. Looking forward to being part of tomorrow’s class – and to getting into action in my life!!! With warmest appreciation,”

~Marilyn Otton

“Thank you so much for putting this program together! I’m on my quest to master my life in all aspects and your input has helped me a great deal in reminding me things that were there, at the back of my mind, but didn´t put them in action. Good work. Congratulations,”

~Ana R.

“First off, i want to thank Nathan, I am just so honored and humbled because he is doing humanity such a service, so thank you! next thank you to the presenter, Laura Chiraya Fox, I can feel your energy and your compassion, your excitement, to share all you are sharing, and is wonderful.I will do my worksheet at home I took notes and will start, because I have been trying to figure out what I am to do here.. and now I have a guide …………….. thank you……….”


“This class is very good, very inspiring, I really like. Nathan I really appreciate your effort to put this class available for every body. I would like to listen again and again and lean how to make it happens. It is very wonderful to know this practice.”


“Hi David and Nathan, Thank you both so much for another amazing class. And I love that you’ve provided actionable steps David – and that you’ve encouraged us to follow through Nathan, by assigning homework. (And thanks for sharing your intuitive hit on my dream Nathan.) Thank you both again for this wonderful work – and all the heart-felt support you both offer.
Warmest wishes,


“Thank you everyone. I found this very helpful and informative. It’s lovely to meet other like minded individuals who are practicing this too.”



The core master teachers of Panacea Life School that you will learn from every week are:

Laura “Chiraya” Fox – founder of Best of Raw, LLC Producer of The Raw Living Expo, creator of the 13-Tribes model, and visionary leader – Laura has a personal vision and mission fueled by passion leading to action which focuses on helping humanity in its spiritual maturation process through techniques and tools of “subtle activism.”

Artist, seer, mentor, healer, author and speaker, Laura works with groups and individuals to clear the “overlays” on consciousness – the waxy build-up from eons of human experience – so that the true essential nature of a person, a group or a community can emerge to shine fully and share its true gifts, fulfilling its dharma destiny mission with great joy.

David Dibble, a former CEO of a highly successful technology company, is a keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach, systems thinker, and, at some level, a spiritual teacher. He has written four books, including The New Agreements in the Workplace and The New Agreements in Healthcare, both of which describe employing universal spiritual principles and systems theory to enhance the workplace. He is the creator of The Four Agreements at Work, based upon his eight years of work directly with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best selling The Four Agreements. David’s most current work is in three remarkable bodies of knowledge: DreamWork, CharacterTypes (CTypes) and Conscious Systems. DreamWork is a methodology for creating a direct connection with Inner Wisdom through “Dream Assignments,” asking life’s most profound questions, and receiving perfect guidance in a dream.

Cristina Smith’s professional passion is to help you maximize your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness with practical ways to make your life better now. Through her integrative Sustainable Wellness™ approach, hundreds of people have experienced healing, personal evolution breakthroughs and sustained development in the last 20 years.A noted medical intuitive, master of bio-vibrational healing and longtime spiritual student, Cristina’s writings, sessions and programs skillfully weave proven techniques and profound wisdom from the subtle energy realms of healing and the esoteric into ways to make your life better now.

Darity Wesley experiences life to its fullest by expanding the HERE and NOW and following her intuition in integrating both her business and spiritual persona’s. She is the Chief Lotus Lawyer and founder of the Lotus Law Center practicing “A New Kind of Law ™.” Having been on the spiritual path for many years, she brings a perspective wise and experienced.As the “Chief Spiritual Revivalist™” at the Revive Your Spirit Center, she is the creator and distributor of “~The Daily Oracle~™ and is a featured columnist with OM-Times Magazine creating a Monthly Oracle. She is manifesting her next vision of being a resource for the application of the evolving consciousness which so many on this planet are experiencing.

The Guest Master Teachers and Transformational Leaders You Will Get to Learn From Each Month Are:

Colin Tipping is an inspiring speaker, author and an accomplished professional educator. For the last 12 years, Colin has been leading the way to raise the consciousness of the planet through Radical Forgiveness. He has perfected the tools that we all can use to create a World of Forgiveness These tools can help us raise our vibration and maintain our inner peace as we go through this expected transitional period of global awakening.

Danielle MacKinnon – A leader in the Intuitive Coaching and the Soul Contracts arena, Danielle challenges people to re-think how they view themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. Combining her intuitive skills with her unique ability to connect with the Soul, Danielle continues to lead thousands of people through their “challenges” into a world of possibility and brilliance.In addition to being named one of Psychic Investigator, Bob Olson’s “Best Psychic Mediums,” Danielle has been highlighted in numerous magazines including Elevated Existence and OfSpirit and is a featured teacher at the Omega Institute, LilyDale Assembly and the Kripalu Center among others. She has taught alongside many of the world’s accomplished speakers, healers, psychics and more.

Michael Mastro has more than 30 years of experience as an award-winning designer and developer for such corporate clients as Microsoft and Boeing. In the 1970’s, he designed spiritual centers worldwide for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Robin and Michael present classes in yogic breathing techniques through the international humanitarian organization, The Art of Living Foundation. They have developed courses and training programs designed to educate people about the powerful influences of Vastu through the American Institute of Vastu. They also give personalized consultations for individuals and business. Many of their clients have experienced positive results!

Cindy Kubica is a stress expert, whole health energy coach, and the host of Energized Living Today telesummit series. As a speaker, Cindy helps audiences across the country and internationally, understand the link between stress, the mind, the body; and how it influences behavior, productivity, relationships, energy level, and ultimately our health.

Cindy is a seven-time author. Her work includes two audio books; In Search of Normal: Moving Life from Chaos to Clarity, and Fit to Communicate, Strength Training for Your Attitude; and  bound books, Career Compass for Women, I Want a Love Story to Happen to Me, and her newest book: Motivation, Up Yours. She is also the co-owner of a commercial photography studio with photographer Farris L. Poole.

Cindy and Farris are currently working on a photographic study to show how stress reveals in the face and how positive lifestyle changes can reverse it. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, Sara and Chase; and running everything from 5k’s to marathons.

Although Fredric Lehrman went through all the phases of a standard education, including an Ivy League university and graduate school, he continues to search for a better way to foster learning at all stages of life. He has explored many techniques of conscious evolution and systems of biological energy, and has traveled world-wide gathering information and experience related to education, health, business psychology, and relationship dynamics. He has also engaged in many entrepreneurial projects.

His interest in new education concepts kept him visiting many experimental schools and teaching in a wide variety of classroom settings. While working at these schools he formulated and tested the principles which evolved into Nomad University, a unique explorative learning environment designed around outstanding teachers and adventurous students.

Founder and visionary of the award-winning Blue Sky Ranch, Ingrid Coffin has offered programs in higher consciousness and intentional living since 1987.Her inspirational messages called Meta-Thoughts® are delivered to inboxes around the world weekly.

She offers personal evolutionary astrology consultations and on-going spiritual training.

Dr. Hope Phillips Umansky, PhD, Dean of Academic Affairs and Administration and Psychology Program Director, returned to CIHS in an administrative role originally as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and Director of the Psychology Programs. She holds a BA in English literature, a MA in literature and American Cultural Studies, and from CIHS, a MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her career in the last decade has been as a champion of the transformative nature of education on adult learners’ lives. She has worked in various settings prior to CIHS in which she helped serve as an advocate for adult students. Dr. Umansky saw joining CIHS in 2010 as a unique opportunity to be a part of the school that she loves and deeply believes in, while helping to create a space for CIHS to emerge as a leader in creative consciousness-based education during this unique time in our global consciousness.
Marisa Bruyneel has always identified as an educator. She knew in first grade that her life’s purpose included being a teacher. By the time she was 18, she knew that she wanted to open a charter school and change the way we educate kids. Marisa followed her passion, received her Master’s degree in English Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and went on to teach 10th grade English for six years in New York City. Despite living her purpose, it was clear to Marisa that she was teaching in a system that failed our children. Thus, she moved to San Diego to follow her dream and open a spiritual school that will connect adolescents to their life’s purpose and give them the tools needed to thrive mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of “disease,” subsequently developing “The New Biology™” to help people balance their life. In 1994, Dr. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells. He has since documented several such transformations.

The pH Miracle series has sold more than 400,000 copies and has more than ½ million copies in print as of April, 2009. The pH Miracle books have been translated into 17 languages and are gaining a widespread following internationally.

For more than 27 years Gregg Braden has explored high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to merge their timeless secrets with the best science of today. His discoveries are now shared in 33 countries and 38 languages through such paradigm-inspiring books as: The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, and his newest, Deep Truth.

His 2007 best seller, The Divine Matrix, was recently selected as the source for the made-for-television feature, “Entanglement,” and is now a textbook for college level courses exploring new discoveries of science and our relationship to the world.

Howard Martin played a key role in launching the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. He has served as a Steering Committee Member and spokesperson for GCI since its inception in 2008.

Howard is also one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath and has been with HeartMath’s world-wide training and consulting team since 1991. In 1999 he co-authored with Doc Childre, The HeartMath Solution, published by HarperSanFrancisco and in 2000 authored The HeartMath Method, an audio learning program published by Nightingale Conant. He is also the producer of two award winning musical recordings, including Doc Childre’s Heart Zones which spent 50 consecutive weeks on Billboard Magazine’s music charts.

Dan Mcdonald, also known as the “LifeRegenerator”, is a Certified Detoxification Specialist and has been studying plant based nutrition for nearly two decades. Dan has over 1,200 free videos on his LifeRegenerator YouTube channel that are based around raw food nutrition, juicing, detoxification, fitness and spirituality.
He has been a tremendous inspiration and guide in helping people to take responsibility for their health in the simplest and most natural way – with the food we eat! With over 122,000 subscribers and over 24 million video views, he has truly made an impact on the health and well being of people’s lives all over the world.

During these powerful calls with our master teachers, you will be guided to help design the absolutely most meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling life that you can possibly imagine.


NORMALLY $997.00



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Adam Gainsburg

Nate’s dedication to our collective awakening and flourishing is obvious just from a few minutes with him. But underneath, he is imbued with a solidity of wisdom, self-knowledge and compassion which all of us would do well not to overlook. Thank you Nate for ALL you do and all you WILL do, for us and our precious planet!” – Adam Gainsburg, Founder of

Don_Miguel_Ruiz“They will show you how to create the dream and life you are meant to live and how to teach others to do the same.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

I was David and Linda’s teacher for eight years. After eight years, I told them it was time for them to teach. They are master teachers and coaches who have made their DreamWork into a powerful transformational path, both at work and at home. They will show you how to create the dream and life you are meant to live and how to teach others to do the same.

— Don Miguel Ruiz, author The Four Agreements

Dr. Sherri“David is one of the most wholesome, honest and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with.”

“David is one of the most wholesome, honest and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with. His honesty and work ethic is to be both admired and copied. I really enjoyed working with him, especially with ConsciousSystems in healthcare.”

—Dr Sherri Tenpenny, AOBEM, AOBNMM, ABIHM – Medical Consultant for Parker-Hannifin

AckLaura Fox is an amazing individual!!! She centered herself, connected with my guidance and channeled messages that were poignant and pure about a subject that had been consuming me and was close to my heart…when I returned home and began to apply the guidance she received, the entire situation began to shift.  Truly a magical individual, her timing, the message and the outcomes were truly divine! THANK YOU LAURA!!!

Kevin Ackad
Get On The Table

Mitra“David and Linda truly love unconditionally and will teach you how to have that for yourself and others in your life. I would not be where I’m at in my life without them.”

“For the past 15 years, David and Linda have been wonderful mentors in my life. They have done a lot of DreamWork with me and taught me how to use DreamWork with my clients. It’s such a help in getting to the heart of my client’s issues and knowing what to do to address life problems. My husband and I also use DreamWork almost daily in some form to deepen our relationship and address issues instead of letting things fester. David and Linda truly love unconditionally and will teach you how to have that for yourself and others in your life. I would not be where I’m at in my life without them.

—Mitra Sarkhosh, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist License # MFC 41578

Sierra“DreamWork has completely changed my life.”

“I discovered DreamWork through my mom when I was thirteen. She had been doing DreamWork with David and Linda for years and thought it might help me through some really rough times in my life. DreamWork has completely changed my life. It has been a companion and a friend to me. Because of learning all these tools, I was able to truly follow the path that my heart was leading me to. I’m 15 now. I have become the youngest certified yoga instructor in the nation. I spoke at a TEDx about everything I am doing. I am being featured on a PBS special and I have been able to start creating several businesses that I have had in my head for years. All of these things, opportunities, and experiences I have had branched from DreamWork and following the guidance of my Inner Wisdom. I enjoy learning it, teaching it, and using it in my everyday life. I’m using it now to help others change like I did.”

—Sierra Goldstein – Speaker at TEDx

JEan“I was able to completely re-create my work life. I’m doing what I like to do. My boss is happy. My relationships with my co-workers have improved significantly. I even have much needed time for myself. DreamWork is amazing!”

“I was on a spiritual journey to Teotihuacan, the pyramids outside Mexico City, which David and Linda led. David asked if anyone wanted to do some waking DreamWork to address some major life concerns. I volunteered knowing that I was feeling like my work life was falling apart. In about an hour, David had put my whole life “On the Wall” where we all could see it. It was shocking for me. I hadn’t thought it possible that I couldn’t see my own life until we put it On the Wall, but it was true. Then, using CTypes, we identified what I needed to do to resolve my big issues at work and created an action plan and support system. In 45 days, I was able to completely re-create my work life. I’m doing what I like to do. My boss is happy. My relationships with my co-workers have improved significantly. I even have much needed time for myself. DreamWork is amazing!”

Shannon Bush“He is passionate about living limitlessly and was so generous with what he shared.”

“I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Nathan Crane when he joined me as a guest on my radio podcast show Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life on the Web Talk Radio network.  Nathan was a delight to chat with and shared some fascinating insights into living a life fulfilled.  He is passionate about living limitlessly and was so generous with what he shared.  I look forward to staying connected with him and watching his community grow.”

~Shannon Bush, Director, Creative Possibility, international best selling author of Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose.


Each teacher is highly skilled and specifically selected as to serve as your guides and coaches to help you along in your personal and professional endeavors to achieve rapid results.

In addition to having the right teachers, the second most important aspect of our successful Conscious Education Coaching Program is the actual curriculum itself.


NORMALLY $997.00


We have partnered with Laura Fox to bring forth a new teaching curriculum called:

The 13 Facets of Human Experience – a new paradigm of conscious education for co-creating a harmonious life.

This new-world, cutting edge conscious educational curriculum offers you the essential teachings from inner wisdom so you can to explore the possibility of what your world looks like when you are living at your highest and most fulfilling potential.

Below is an outline of the 13 month program each teacher will cover during their live coaching calls with you.

These calls will be interactive, educational, fun, and creative as we begin to look at how each of us can create our ideal lifestyle while living in a higher sense of harmony with the planet and with our divine purpose.

MODULE 1 – Divine Awareness

5 classes + supportive workbooks


Our most precious gift in life is also our most powerful tool and asset. This gift is our direct connection with the Source of All Life. Whatever you wish to call this Source, you are at one with it and do indeed have direct access. We’ll discover the relationship between Reality Creation, Law of Attraction and our Source Connection in this powerful module. Accessing this direct connection is the “first step” proclaimed in all the sacred teachings. Many of the religions, while they have attempted to help us understand Source, or God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha and so on, they often neglect to help us realize this direct connection. And yet this Direct Connection is the primal essence of our true spiritual liberation as well as our creative power. Everything starts here with Step 1, as all the great Reality Creation teachers share – when we attune and align with the Source within, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We will dive in and explore this “Step 1” from a spiritual-scientific perspective to get us going on this amazing journey of our discovery of the 13 Tribes of Human Endeavor. For truly, as we begin in 100% alignment with Source with any endeavor, it is sure to be a powerful, long-lasting, sanctionable success!

MODULE 2 – Energy Mastery

5 classes + supportive workbooks


In this month’s module we will experience Core Star Activation which will allow us as a group to access greater levels of psychic awareness. We will learn about how we see, feel, sense, and/or know things on an inner level. The first step to greater awareness and mastering your energy is to become aware that you are in fact receiving information. The next step is to inquire as to the significance of the meaning, relative to the conversation at hand. Once awareness is accessed, healing can occur more readily. This module is a powerful exploration of energy mastery.

MODULE 3 – Creative Learning

5 classes + supportive workbooks


In the creativity and learning month at panacea life school, we will explore the new and emerging learning models that are based on creativity and proactive student initiative. We will have guest speakers who will be able to help us understand the breadth and depth of what is happening in the learning movement, and we will share some concepts about how the new learning models are different from current mainstream educational systems. Participants will have an opportunity to share their experience with learning education, and their desires and ideas about how it could be improved, based on a model of creativity in learning, as well as how to learn more in harmony with nature, increase your learning capacity, and enhance the speed and desire at which you learn and grow mentally and spiritually.

MODULE 4 – Physical Nourishment

5 classes + supportive workbooks


Adding more raw organic plant foods to the diet not only helps us increase our health, decrease our eco-footprint, and raise our spirits, it also helps us engender a more direct connection with the earth upon which we live. The plant kingdom has many gifts to offer. The plants themselves have patterns of geometries which interface with the geometries of her very own bodily structures, to cause certain states of consciousness, certain rebuilding of vital forces and physical structures, and certain attributes which help with the remineralization of our bodies. In learning to reconnect with the plant kingdom in this way, we open ourselves to the possibility of having even more electrical potential in our bodies, which allows us to interact with the planetary body, the earth itself, which is like a giant battery for us. As we add more raw organic plant foods to the diet, we are raising our electrical potential so that we can receive more powerful downloads, instruction, guidance, insights, and awareness, so that we can become more fully the joyful world servers and harmonic co-creators we are meant to be. We also have the opportunity to increase our longevity, so. that we can be here creating joy and harmony on the planet for longer periods of time. So in this first month of exploring the food and water tribe we will look at how plants and water interact with our morphogenetic structure, increasing our electrical potential in our biofields as well as nourishing our bodies on a very basic level which allows the life force energy to flow through freely.

MODULE 5 – Spaces and Places

5 classes + supportive workbooks


During the spaces and places tribe, we will do an overview of the various types of architecture, and how they might affect consciousness, creativity, and positive Sacred relationships. We will examine how space and place relates to Spirit as well as to Earth and one another, and talk about the contrast between places in which we among the participants have grown up, worked and lived in and how to transform our experience of space and place for higher level creativity and life expansion.  We will have Michael Mastro as a guest teacher share with us the ancient and powerful scientific principles of Vastu, and how you can transform your environment to attract more abundance and health into your life.

MODULE 6 – Earth Connections

5 classes + supportive workbooks


As we learn to tune in to a collective energy field, we can embrace our spirit guides, our high self, our sense of the Source Creator, and also we can begin to communicate with the Earth itself, the being upon which we have our physical life. We can also connect with all levels of nature, the animals, plants and mineral kingdoms, as they are also co-creators in this divine dance that is our life. So to understand Co-creation, which is in fact the new platform of experience that we are collectively choosing to explore, on the spiritual levels, we can learn how to include the earth consciousness in co creation. The Earth Connection Tribe will help us learn some tools for how in fact to connect with the earth, for the purpose of even more comprehensive and effective multi-dimensional co-creation.

MODULE 7 – Visionary Art, Theater, and Media

5 classes + supportive workbooks


In the Visionary Art and Media tribe, we will come to understand how dreams shape drama, and how art and music shape our realities. They always do and always have, and now at this juncture of our spiritual revolution, we can learn to leverage artistic tools to create realities of of our own choosing in the most powerful, direct, and effective ways possible. You are a creator, you can access this creator power through art, music and media. When we access the field of greater awareness to create relevant art, we are on the ‘edge of criticality’ moving from chaos to the next level of order to express something on behalf of the collective in the form of art and media.

MODULE 8 – Harmonious Technology

5 classes + supportive workbooks


As we tap into sciences’ deeper consciousness, we are becoming aware that it is intrinsically possible to create energy technologies and technological systems which are in harmony with the natural world, and our greater well-being. We are moving into an era where we will be creating Ways and Means to take care fof our energy and technological needs, that work with the physical structures of our body, the life of the planet and ecosystems, instead of against them. This is a normal outgrowth of our emerging conscious awareness. Being able to access connectivity with the awareness of the earth, and the interdimensional alchemical knowledge about how the universe works, allows us to tap into that field and bring forth things beyond our current capabilities. Whatever it is that we can imagine we can create, and in the spirit of all the great scientists such as Paracelsus, Hermes, Tesla, Einstein, Franklin, and other emerging scientists, we move forward into a new era of technological auspiciousness. In this module of the science tribe, we will explore some of the newer emerging technologies that are currently available, and some of the Visionary ideas that will catapult us into a whole new way of life on planet earth.

MODULE 9 – Sacred Sciences

5 classes + supportive workbooks


As we understand the intrinsic nature of science, it is not separate from Spirit, nor is it separate from art. The reality behind all creation which allowed us emerge in out current form is based on a scientific principle and physical structures that are intrinsic to how we perceive reality. As we learn to bridge science and art, science and spirit, we are releasing dogma, ritual and one-sided perspective, we can open ourselves to the field or creative potential and start to understand how the base software platforms behind reality actually works. In this module we will also explore an overview of the new science and how we can have greater access to its awesomeness to create the realities of our own choosing.

MODULE 10- Community Systems

5 classes + supportive workbooks


Governance, invisible structures, leadership: how do these ideas relate to what we actually need and desire to work together as communities? What are the best ways for individuals and communities to make decisions together? What is it we actually require and desire, as opposed to what we have learned from existing systems that are perhaps Arcane, about how we do these processes? At this gateway into a new era of consciousness, even how we ‘do governance’ is up for questioning. There are new and emerging systems which we will explore in this first module of the Community Systems Tribe, and we will also discuss the ways that governance systems have impacted our lives for better or for worse. Come prepared to truly examine this part of life together, so that we can start feeling into the new earth realities that we wish to create together in terms of how we make decisions together as a collective, care for our elderly, sick, educate our youth, negotiate with other communities, share resources, and get grounded in thriving community systems which create true and lasting prosperity.

MODULE 11 – Resource Flow

5 classes + supportive workbooks


If we really take a look at it closely, the question of economy is really a question of how we flow resources. We have created an economic system based on money, which doesn’t always take into account the general flow of resources as it occurs in natural ways amongst humans. If we become wise, we will model the natural ecosystems of the planet in creating our economic flow systems. Resource flow and exchange is a very basic and foundational part of human life. Humans are also part of nature. So when we actually start to observe nature and how it flows resources to each part of the whole effortlessly, we can begin to understand how we could create a resource flow system for ourselves which would be much more harmonious and aligned with the greater well-being of all beings. We also of course desire to include the consideration of the well-being of the planet itself, the animals, the mineral kingdoms, the plants kingdoms in this question of resource flow, balance, and creating harmony and wholeness. We will be scanning the greatest faults of our current economic system as it relates to all the participants’ actual experience, and then envisioning and sharing ideas that have been emerging regarding new potential systems so we can start to adopt and create a more balanced Resource Flow Tribe in harmony with all of life. We will also look at how resource flow relates to prosperity, magnetism, and the law of attraction, so that you can take full responsibility for creating the lives of our dreams individually and collectively.

MODULE 12 – Sacred Relations

5 classes + supportive workbooks


In our 12th module, we embark upon the exploration of all our sacred relations. Through divine awareness in tribe one, we begin to understand the intrinsic interconnectedness of all life. As we progress through each of the tribes, we can begin to see that in fact relationships and connections are intrinsically a part of every single tribe. Further, we can begin to see the relationship between and among all tribes, and how they are all interwoven, interdependent and synergistic at with one each other. Native peoples speak about blessing all our relations as a key concept in moving through daily life. It is in this attitude of blessing, gratitude, and higher awareness that we can begin to take full responsibility for own lives, while realizing the impact that we have upon others. The more each one of us takes responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and learns to accept, love and understand each being where they are at this present moment, releasing any need to control or manipulate them, we can take our ability to come into true compassion and helpfulness to a whole next level altogether. The truth is, we don’t even know what it is going to look like as we start transcending the past, and come to hold each other as Dear and Sacred every moment. It is by moving through layers of barriers to trust and openness that we will access this ability. It is a whole new day and a whole new dawn for humankind as we honor and cherish one another. First, we must honor and cherish ourselves, and a relationship with our prime creator, source energy, whatever it is we may call this source. From this point of caring for ourselves, and the love for the source from which we came, we can in fact put the puzzle pieces back together again, to understand and know what it is to be a unique attribute of the Source and to be at one with the whole at the same time. Through this realization, we will create anew, all of the systems and patterns of life. And we will come to know what true and lasting peace with effervescent energy and robust Love Truly is.

MODULE 13 – Unified Resonance

5 classes + supportive workbooks


As we rest in the bosom of the Unified Field, we are as if in the eye of the storm, and have greater access to our personal and transpersonal power, straight from our Source Creator. We find ourselves to be At One with All That Is, while simultaneously and mysteriously, remaining “ourselves,” that unique individuated aspect of the Creator we call the self. As we have journeyed through the previous 12 Tribes, we have begun our realization of the interwoven and interconnected nature of all the tribes. In the 13th Tribe, we will dive more deeply into Divine Co-Creation Through the Unified Field. When we access a Unified Field Consciousness in all that we do, that we can co-create at a much higher level of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity with great joy, profoundly positive impact and creative clarity. We’ll learn tools that allow us to resolve discord in our lives while simultaneously activating powerful creativity to solve problems and create new paradigm ways of living that will last and be grounded into this reality on behalf of all beings. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and play at the highest level, the fun has just begun!

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