New Science Shows Your Thoughts and Emotions Affect Your Physical Health

Dr. Young Panacea PublishingIn the book “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!” Dr. Robert Young discusses the importance of realizing how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Young‘s chapter in 27 Flavors of Fulfillment:

So your thoughts are critical. Your thoughts or words do become matter, and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way. Your thoughts do become your biology. And the way that thoughts become biology is as follows:
1)  When you have a thought or say a word, it requires electri- cal or electron energy for the brain cell(s) to produce those actions.

2)  As you carry on with that thought, you are burning or con- suming energy.

3)  When you are consuming energy in your thoughts, you are producing biological waste products called acids which are an energetic waste product which can be measured in pH, oxida- tive reduction potential (ORP), hertz and decibels.

4)  Next, if the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination which are urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation, then the acids from your thoughts are moved out into your connective and fatty tissues because it must not be allowed to affect the delicate pH of the blood. The delicate balance of the blood must remain quite constant at 7.365 to remain healthy.

5)  What happens next is this. As the excess and overload of acid are thrown out into the body tissues, this can easily lead to all sorts of symptoms: lupus, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s, arthritis, muscle pain, fatigue, tiredness, obesity, cancerous breasts, 
a cancerous prostate, a cancerous stomach and/or bowels, indigestion, acid reflux, heart burn, heart attacks, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, and the list goes on and on.

For example let’s say you’ve been doing sadness or depression. This downer feeling is coming from a negative experience that you keep looping and re-looping in your head. It’s like a mind movie.

It’s a mini-drama that you keep playing over and over. And because you are constantly thinking about it, eventually you even start to be concerned or worried about the fact that you are so preoccupied with the whole affair. So now in addition to the sad drama, you are experiencing upset about the fact that you’re having the drama itself. All of this thinking requires energy and when you’re consuming energy you are also pro- ducing metabolic acids.

Do you know any angry people? You may not know it, but many people who become angry easily not only get angry at various people, events, and situations, but eventually they are irritated with themselves for being so angry at everything else. Anger requires a tremendous amount of energy and emits a great deal of electrical energy. You have undoubtedly felt the vibrational energy of someone who is angry. Or maybe you have felt your own anger and how it can upset your physi- ology, i.e., especially upset your stomach and bowels with excess acid leading to indigestion, stomach pain, acid reflux or ulcers.”

Below is the interview Nathan Crane conducted with Dr. Robert Young and Shelley Young at the 27 Flavors of Fulfillment book launch party at the Ph Miracle Retreat Center in Valley Center California.

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