Learning to Love Yourself Can Lead to More Happiness and Fulfillment

Cristina Smith Panacea PublishingIn the book “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!” Cristina Smith shares with us how loving ourselves can lead to internal happiness and fulfillment.

Here is an excerpt from Cristina’s chapter in 27 Flavors of Fulfillment:

“Loving yourself means knowing yourself. It means listening to your body and spirit. Not only is listening important, following through on what it is being whispered is essential. Why? If you ignore those whisperings, they sometimes become hammers. Often your mind is powerful enough to override these subtle messages.

If that happens, your body may often have no choice but to get your attention other ways. Sometimes unpleasant ways. The hammer generally comes out when important parts of yourself are out of contact with each other. Most often the disconnection is between your head and your body. Occasionally those hammers look like stress related dis-ease or a severe bout with a virus in order to get you to slow down and recharge.

How can you learn to hear the gentle tap on the shoulder and not need the bigger hammer? Pay attention to how you are spending your time and energy.  Are you applying most of your effort to one aspect of your life over all others? If so, bring some balance into your busy schedule. Take a morning or afternoon off for quiet time with yourself away from all electronic devices.

Enjoy a long walk or a hike, or go to a museum or movie. Go out and do something fun with your kids, partner or friend. Take a nap and/or a long bath. That short amount of time will do wonders for your health and enhance the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your life. It certainly is better than feeling the fall of the hammer, no matter what size. And, it will make you much more effective in fulfilling your calling to be the change your want to see happen in the world.”

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