Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Communication with Stacey Hentschel, Cindy Kubica, and Nathan Crane

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As we look at our relationships and sense of connection with others and how we communicate, one of the most exquisite aspects of life is to relate to others from a state of deep loving presence. There is richness and fullness when we’re fully there with another, and the only way we can fully be there with another is by being fully there with ourselves.

Communication is an art of being present and really the most nurturing and fulfilling communication is based on intimacy, the intimacy of the heart … of being seen and heard from our soul-filled essence and hearts love. All human beings have a deep desire and yearning to connect with each other, whether verbally or silently … heart to heart, soul to soul.

Joy, wonder, discovery, and adventure in life are experienced when we’re open, receptive, grounded, connected to our body and breath, connected to the earth, and connected to our heart, soul and higher energies of consciousness. When we are fully present with ourselves we slow down. We slow down enough to feel our breath, to hear our breath, experience our smile and our love. This is when we find ourselves really connecting with another, allowing our joy and wonder to bubble up in a nurturing, intimate way that comes from deep, deep listening.

We begin by having a connection with our self, a loving and nurturing connection. So we do that by bringing a smile to our face and

light in our eyes … imagining our eyes with love streaming through them. As we smile with light streaming through our eyes and we drop into our breath. As we become aware of our breath, we find it literally slows down. What is so beautiful about the breath slowing down is the mind stops racing as much. The slower the breath, the slower our movements and our mind follows. Many of us think that our mind leads us, but actually, our heart is what leads us when we slow down enough to listen … so when we breathe, we access our inner wisdom.

~ Excerpt from 27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!

About the Author;  Stacey J. Hentschel is an intuitive, business consultant, and life/ relationship coach. She has assisted hundreds of businesses and empowered thousands of people to live from presence, strength, love, and their highest soul’s design. You may contact her at www.QuantumIntegrations.com

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