The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval

Could Green Plants Hold the Key to Our Survival?

(Revised and Expanded Edition)


No matter where you are coming from—under-nourished, overweight, sick, or trying to hold on to the gift of good health—this book will help you. You will find answers here. If I have done my job, you are about to become as passionate and enthusiastic as I am about life, superfood and green plants, and together we might just change the world, starting with ourselves. I wrote this book to show you exactly what it is I’m so passionate about—and how these foods can help you, no matter where you’re at in life or health. I have seen the remarkable healing effects of green foods on people with cancer, diabetes, and every imaginable condition from acne to AIDS. I have even personally used green foods to transform and save people from death caused by morbid obesity. My message is simple: You can transform your own health—starting with the food you put in your mouth. I guarantee it!

David Sandoval

2014.12.09 Dave8435_flatDave Sandoval literally wrote the book on green foods nutrition. His book “The Green Foods Bible” has been translated into 4 languages and is the definitive guide to all the best green superfoods from the land and the sea. Despite Sandoval’s many successes and high profile within and outside of the industry, his beginnings were altruistic and humble in nature. After watching loved ones suffer from (and sometimes succumb to) the ravages of preventable diseases, Sandoval decided to devote his life to making a difference in the health of others. He has spent many years combining scientific research and traditional holistic teachings from around the world to compose dozens of phytonutrient-rich formulas with the pains- taking selection of only the most pure and premium ingredients. As owner of Purium Health Products, he feels blessed to bring the gift of health to millions of people around the globe. “Our mission at Purium is simple – we want to help you eat better, age more gracefully and live longer.” – David Sandoval David Sandoval was born in Southern California and lived a meager exis- tence for most of his young life. At the age of 17 he was forever changed by the tragic, untimely death of his favorite aunt who had taken him in off the streets and given him a home. Knowing that the cause of her illness was a poor diet and chemically-treated processed food, he eagerly studied all means of natural healing and chose to apply what he had learned from Ann Wigmore, the mother of the “Living Foods Lifestyle,” into his own life.

What began as a quest to save the health of his family members became a passion to help families throughout the world. David has dedicated his life to providing whole food, raw food, green food products with absolutely no artificial colors, artificial flavors, binders, fillers or genetically-modified ingredients. He quickly became recognized for set- ting a new standard for purity, potency, and cutting edge Plant- Based Nutritional Products that retain the vital essence (AKA life force, chi, or prana) that he believes is the key to fueling our cells. For more than 20 years, David has researched and studied alongside the most recognized industry leaders from around the world ... advancing his knowledge, creating new formulations and NEVER compromising on the ingredients and products that come from his facility. His audio lecture CD, The Healing Miracle of Green Foods has now been trans- lated into many languages and hundreds of thousands of copies have been distributed worldwide. His best-selling book The Green Foods Bible has also been translated into several languages and is a green super food resource that no home should be without.

Your dream has become my reality! I know my life has been changed and given recent events, it would not be far-fetched to say that my husband's life has been saved. Thank you for dreaming big and inspiring me to dream big and live big.

Rose - Tucson, AZ

Thank you Dave Sandoval for changing my health and my life! Solid science has reversed my kidney disease!! I am dreaming big and running!! I thank God everyday that you had a vision and a Dream! God Bless!


Watching you improve our broken food system in the US has kept me here. Let's do this. Mission on.


Thank you Dave Sandoval! It's truly changed my life. I am full of emotion on how it had helped me.

Cinthia - HI

Awesome Dave!! Sharing the Dream of Health and seeing it become a Reality is Priceless! I feel so blessed to have found Purium (or maybe it found me) and be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves! Mahalo for creating such an Amazing product line and right when we all needed Hope for Better Tomorrow! Ready for the RUN!! Sharing is Caring!! Warm Aloha wishes to you…

Lisa - Honolulu, HI

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