Enlightenment of the Consciousness with Steven Sadleir

Steven Sadleir - 27 FlavorsWe have all heard, and intuitively know, that the answers lie within us. We innately know that the source of happiness and peace also lies within. We each have a purpose and a destiny. Sometimes we feel that connection, but for most people the ability to access that profundity of inner light, love and awareness is challenging if not seemly impossible. Yet, people have been enlightening for thousands of years. All that is needed is the right instruction and practice and a whole magical world opens up to us – it’s called enlightenment.

The enlightenment of man is as old as recorded history itself. There are ceramic artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization that show Yogi’s sitting cross legged in meditation dating back over 10,000 years ago. The world’s oldest spiritual texts and spiritual traditions all speak to the need for man to “know thy Self” and provide some means of slowing down the mind and turning the awareness inward to dis- cover something…to discover our true self and purpose.

Buddha sat in meditation under the Bodhi tree. Abraham and Jesus would go into the wilderness of the desert to meditate, and Mohammad sat in a cave. I spent over twenty years conducting research for my first book, Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World, which is a compendium of all the major religious groups, spiritual teachers, new age teaching, indigenous traditions and gurus and discovered almost all the spiritual leaders of this world practiced some kind of meditation. They all went within.

It is the most natural thing to go within. Your true Self is already realized. But your mind has its own idea about who it thinks you are. You came into this world as spirit in a new vessel. You were told you were a name, a relation, a boy or girl, a Christian, Muslim or Jew, then you created other associations with your culture, peers, and other sources and identified with these external relations. We tend to think: “I’m a man, an American, a Christian, I’m an economist or guru, etc.” when in fact that is not what we are at all. Those names are just bumper stickers in our mind; it reflects how we’ve been programmed not who we are.

We lose touch with ourselves as we begin to identify with our mental programming and the patterns formed through our interaction with our environment. We are mostly influenced by others who are still asleep themselves and have no idea who they are or why they were born. We get herded like sheep into collective thinking and then squash the guidance of our own indwelling spirit or even our rational mind. But all our life experiences are teaching us something about our Self; and from this we are learning, growing and evolving into higher states of consciousness. We are developing a sixth sense…consciousness.

~Excerpt from 27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!

Steven S. Sadleir is a Kundalini master, director of the Self Awareness Institute, best- selling author and host of Enlightenment Radio. Steven also appears in two spiritual movies: Spiritual Revolution and 3 Magic Words. You may contact him at www.SelfAwareness.com 

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