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Discovering Your True Self with Diana Stobo

[sharebox2 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox2] “How do you discover your “true self”? I am who I am, isn’t that right? I have a certain job, I live in a certain type of community, I help people, I work hard, and I socialize in comfortable social circles. I have certain types of friends, and my home/ apartment/condo/mansion…

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Discovering and Expressing Your True Authentic Self with Darity Wesley

[sharebox2 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox2] Wow, “discovering and expressing” myself? “That’s kind of weird,” you may say, “I think I already am myself, how can I discover that when I can’t be anyone but me anyway?” Good question! That is what this chapter is all about because the determinative words in the title are “true”…

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The Alkaline Diet: High Vibrational Plant Based Eating for Health & Healing

Panacea Life School Module 4 – Physical Nourishment Instructor: Dr. Robert Young with Laura Chiraya Fox The Alkaline Diet: High Vibrational Plant Based Eating for Health and Healing     [sharebox5_no_text] [/sharebox5_no_text] In this month’s class, Laura Chiraya Fox will engage in a lively discussion with guest teacher Dr. Robert O. Young, who will share…

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Enlightenment of the Consciousness with Steven Sadleir

We have all heard, and intuitively know, that the answers lie within us. We innately know that the source of happiness and peace also lies within. We each have a purpose and a destiny. Sometimes we feel that connection, but for most people the ability to access that profundity of inner light, love and awareness…

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Revolutionary Education at the California Institute for Human Science

The Lightworker Call-to-Arms is engagement in a creative education that allows us to reflect on our deepest desires as tenets ushering in the new age whose sole/soul purpose is to revolutionize the worldview in the new paradigm of subtle energy studies and the integration of science and spirituality. The California Institute for Human Science (CIHS),…

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